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Sherry’s Tickettown is your one stop destination for tickets to concerts, sporting events, Broadway shows and beyond. Sherry’sTickettown is the end result of a merger between two ticket industry titans, B&B and Sherry’s Tickets. Together we have over 120 years of combined experience to help you find the seats you want.

Sherry’s Tickettown is a family-owned and operated business with a staff of fulltime employees that are able to serve every kind of ticket related need. We are totally independent, and not beholden to any team, agent, box office, talent agency, management company or corporation.

We value your business, and will go “above and beyond” to ensure that you are happy with your purchase. When you purchase tickets from Sherry’sTickettown, you will receive them quickly, and you will experience world-class customer service.
You can be sure that you are getting the best seats possible from Sherry’s Tickettown because we know the seating charts and layouts of the stages, theaters, stadiums and other venues we provide tickets for. We utilize that information to help guide you towards the best possible purchase for your budget. We’ve even talked clients out of purchasing seats they thought they wanted for seats we knew were even better. Clients often call us after events to thank us for our expertise.

Our goal is for you to experience what we call a “delayed reaction of satisfaction” to getting the best seats for your money. We live for the moment that you walk into a venue and say “WOW!!!” when you realize where your seats are. That makes it all worthwhile for us.
Whether you live in Wilmington or Waikiki, you can be sure that when you buy your tickets from Sherry’s Tickettown, your purchase is secure, and your tickets are legitimate. We work hard and smart so that you’ll have a great experience at your event, and with us. Ultimately, we want to build a solid relationship with you. Because people do business with people they trust. It’s that simple.
Our reputation is stellar, and speaks for itself. You can be assured that you will indeed receive the tickets you’ve purchased. We prefer to do business via credit card because this payment method contains built-in consumer fraud protection.

Our chargeback rate is one of the lowest in the industry, which shows that our clients are extremely happy with our service. We have even appeared in court on behalf of clients victimized by credit card theft to dispute fraudulent purchases made by criminals.
You can purchase your tickets in advance and have them shipped directly to you.

Additionally, FedEx service is available for recurring clients. You can also purchase tickets right up until show time. We will happily leave your tickets at the will-call window. This way, you can pick them up on your way to the event. If you do arrange to pick up your tickets at will-call, you will be given a mobile phone number in case you need to reach us from the event to resolve any possible issues. When you’re at the show, we’re there for you.

Finally, you may have noticed that some of our competitors prefer to hide their phone numbers and contact information on their websites. That’s because all they care about is profit. We care about you! Our staff members are easily accessible in person, online, or by phone. When we’re out of the office, you’ll be redirected automatically to one of our cell phones. If you have a problem, or question – even on the night of your show – you can call us. We’re here for you!
Experience a world of difference with Sherry’s Tickettown.

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